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A word from the founder of Ronin Ryu Dojo

jorgen uper Welcome to our official website and to Ronin Ryu Dojo. The Dojo that have something for everyone. Over the year since 2004 we have really manage to create a true international martial art family where joy and friendship is keywords within RRD, but also with other dojos and organisations around the world.

As for my self with high ranks in a number of diffrent styles looks on martial art as a way of life in and outside the dojo. If I am not in the dojo for a long time my body and soul starts to protest after a while. Maybe becuase my body and mind has done this since 1975 when I first started with Aikido in the north of Sweden. Since then I have practice many diffrent styles, all of them nice in their own way.

My personal favorite for close combat has become Ninpo Goshinjutsu for a very simple reason. If you like me has worked with security of diffrent kind and where the risc level of meeting some kind of violence in varius enviroment is high, the choice is really simple. You need something that really works, something explosive and effective that takes out the danger fast and hard.
When it comes to take care of my personal well being, my own developed system Nin Chi Godai is on the table. In my age, born 1960, it might be time to slow down on the fullcontact part in my training a bit and here will Nin Chi Godai keep me in shape, in focus and hold up my bodys flexibility in a good way without any injuries and in my own tempo.

For you who thinking on to start with some kind of martial art, you should know that it is more or less impossible to say that one system is better than another when it always comes down to the individual in the end. First you need to know why you want to start with something, the purpose with your training. Then you should know that there is a big diffrence between true martial art and martial sports. After you done all that, start to explore, visit diffrent dojos, talk to diffrent instructors before you decide. The personality, quality and the pedagogical skills of the instructor is really the key, if you will hold on to a style or not.

This is even more important if you want your child to begin with martial art or martial sport. As a parent you should always join your child to the training at least for a month to be sure. Please, dont use the dojo as a baby sitter, it can come right back to you in a very unpleasent way if you found the wrong instructor.

Before you get a membership in some kind of martial art federation, make sure that you get something for your money. There is a new federation created more or less every day and most of them just wants your money without giving you something back. You should also check prices for rank graduation before you join a dojo, some of them have downright ridiculous prices for each rank. Prices that for me would be impossible to justify for a student or a parent.

The monthly fees for training can also vary greatly depending on where the dojo is located and how well-known and how high ranked the instructors are. Here again, you have to pay a little extra for quality as with everything else.

Despite all this, I can warmly recommend martial art to everyone in all ages. Once you have found your style and the right instructor, this is guaranteed to be something that you will continue with for the rest of your life. Maybe we will meet in a dojo somewhere, looking forward to that day!

Ohh, by the way, I am strongly considering starting with Iaido on old days. The art of pulling a Katana perfectly fascinates me and is really beautiful to watch, so why not!

Greetings and Good Luck!
Hanshi Jörgen Lindberg
Shodai Soke Ronin Ryu Dojo International