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About Shodai Soke/Grandmaster/Founder of RRD 2004
Jörgen Lindberg

Sensei Jörgen Lindberg born 1960 in Umeå / Västerbotten and began his Martial Art path as a 15 year old boy in the small Norht city i Sweden called Härnösand with Aikido. In 1975 it was not so much else to choose from in the smaller Swedish cities. Jörgen also tried what was called "American Full Contact Karate", Ju Jutsu with Hans Greger during his Military Police training at the Royal Lifeguard / K1 Stockholm. It was also from his time in the millitary police that Lindberg first discovered Bo.F.Munthe when Munthe, along with Jim Short from the English International Body Guard Association (IBA), was involved with training at the Lifeguard. This time, Sensei Jörgen Lindberg diden´t know about Sensei Munthe's Ninjutsu. It was not until 1984 that the coin tumbled down when the movie "Ninja Mission" was released where Soke Munthe was the star. Until this year with a variety of styles behind him and with the sheer feeling that something was missing in these arts, they did not feel complete for Lindberg, he was also in the following years a Sergeant and a close combat instructor at today's Amphibian commandos.
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Sensei Lindberg finished his military career, moved from northern Sweden to Sweden's front side :-), Gothenburg. In Gothenburg, Bujinkan was established and by a chance Lindberg found the first Bujinkan Dojon in the city, at Karl Johansgatan in 1987. Here he meet with, Sensei Robert Gabrielsson, at the time 5 dan, today he holds 15 dan. Robert and Jörgen found each other more or less immediately, a friendship that is still as strong today, although Lindberg left Bujinkan at his 4th dan for Ronin Ryu Ninjutsu, where he is the Grandmaster today.
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Lindberg with Robert Gabrielsson 1991
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Lindberg with Robert Gabrielsson 2016
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Within Ninjutsu, Sensei Jörgen found what he had missed in all previous systems, a system that included everything from defensive techniques to offensive solutions, standing up and floor techniques together with weapon training. Throughout this time, he kept an eye on Soke Bo.F.Munthe's activities, who had also left Bujinkan to establish his Mu Te Jinen Ryu system. Sensei Lindberg started at this time, 1990, working at a private security company where he remained until 2008. The company offered both rewarding education and career opportunities. Security Transport, Personal Protection, Communication, Network Technician and Consultant at the Fire Protection Department at the company has given Sensei Lindberg a deep insight into the risks in society at all possible levels. A knowledge and experience that we take into our education. Extra work for EMA Telstar with his own Bodygurad Team also gave Sensei Lindberg experience from artists like Michael Jackson, Bowie, Mick Jagger, Elton John and others. It also meant an insight to the less fun side of "Fame" and its consequences. A basic course in Law (JIK) at the University of Gothenburg was completed in 2002, as Sensei Lindberg says he will resume these when he retires.
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Something that Sensei Lindberg discovered within the Swedish established Ninjutsun was that there was no active training on the mental part of the 18 levels on which Ninjutsun is based. This along with the fact that some Swedish celebrities and athletes took their own lives even though they were at the top of their careers and one of the athletes was also world champion in his branch several times, Lindberg had to think deeply about how it could be possible. The answer was already there from Ninpo training, the lack of mental training, which Lindberg also calls for the "Barrier between Brain and Body". After moving to Turkey in 2008 and marriage to a Turkish woman who is a docent and education psychologist to the profession, Lindberg's thoughts about personal identity, mental training for the inner self were refuted. Much of Sensei Lindberg's thoughts were confirmed and in 2009 to 2013 his thoughts were formed into an entire new system that he call "Nin Chi Godai". Free translated Nin Chi Godai means - The Hidden Strengths of the Five Elements. A system that fits old as well as young people in order to achieve self-awareness, balance between mind and body, exercise focus and balance, to simply achieve better health and harmony in life. Nin Chi Godai has been tested on various people in collaboration with his current wife as well as an Sport Medecin doctor in Turkey and is apparently what it is supposed to be. Sensei Lindberg holds in addition to the Grandmaster title in Ronin Ryu Ninjutsu and Nin Chi Godai also 8th dan in Effective Aikido (Aikijutsu), 6th dan Urban Combat Hapkido, 5th dan Kaizen Ryu Combat, 5th dan Bei Dim Mak and 9th dan in Mu Te Jinen Ryu Goshinjutsu.
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Something that the development of Nin Chi Godai has taught Sensei Lindberg is that it is useful to sometimes return to our roots, to stop and reflect. This thought led back to Soke Bo.F.Munthe. Said and done, Lindberg took a number of his Turkish instructors and joined Munthe's 40th anniversary in Stockholm in January 2017. Sensei Lindberg holds 9th dan within Mu Te Jinen Ryu Ninpo Goshinjutsu and then the circle was closed, so to speach.