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about our school

Ronin Ryu Dojo was created and established in Sweden 2004 by Jörgen Lindberg. In that time the focus was only on Ninjutsu. During the years more styles was added to the schools reportoar such as Nin Chi Godai developed by J.Lindberg, Tai Chi Chuan, Effective Aikido where Lindberg has 8 dan and Goshinjutsu where he holds 9 dan. During 2017 Verbal Judo was added, in a cooperation with Bo.F.Munthe as a part of different self defence programs within Ronin Ryu Dojo. 2008 Ronin Ryu Dojo expanded to Turkey and today there is 5 dojos established in the country and growing. This also gave new resources to the organisation in the form of students that are sport medicin specialist doctor, psykologist and one education psykologist. Ronin Ryu Dojo is also represented in MMA by students in Turkey under the name Ronin Ryu Dojo Viking Fight.