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Ersin Bakir

Ninjutsu is the crown of martial arts and Sensei Lindberg is owner of that crown.
There is no limit of what we will learn from him,oss

Ersin Bakir - Instructor 1 Dan Black Belt - Ronin Ryu Dojo Etimesgut-Ankara-Turkey
Doğan Memişoğlu

For me, ninjutsu is the most effective way to be able to adapt mentally and physically to the neighborhood you live in, the atmosphere we are in and the situation we are in. Good or bad, we broaden our perspective from every angle and prepare us for all possibilities.

It is a great privilege to learn this art through Jörgen Sensei. Because Jörgen Sensei is extremely knowledgeable, pleasant, experienced and funny. The trainings he delivered are a truly different experience for everyone. The trainings that take place with him are not only fun but also really impressive. He teaches in a really good and effective way both because of his experience and because of his military past.

Doğan Memişoğlu - Helpinstructor 2 Dan Black Belt - Ronin Ryu Dojo-KisaKaya-Ankara-Turkey
Sebastian Ljungmark

I'm incredibly grateful that I found Ninjutsu, and got a sensei such as Jörgen Lindberg that shows me new levels that I never thought I could handle earlier. Thanks to that, I'm more confident and have a better discipline in life

Sebastian Ljungmark - Ninjutsuelev - Forest Ranger - Ronin Ryu Dojo Gothenburg-Sweden
Mehmet Serdar Demiral

As a person who is interested in martial sports and arts,i refered to many of them. Even though i didn’t train most of them directly, i researched on most of their methods. However, even though martial arts and sports has a vast variation, i’ve never seen any martial art so unorthodoks and set its measurments rationally like Ninjutsu. For me,it draw the line between “art” and “sport” as clear as the day.

Aside from that,it is hard to come by an instructor who dedicates himself to his students,unfortunately.But as they say: “When the student is ready,teacher will appear”.I’m so lucky that when my interest in martial arts reached its peak,i’ve found a master who dedicates himself to his students like Sensei Jörgen Lindberg.

Mehmet Serdar Demiral - Student Ninjutsu - High School Student - Ronin Ryu Dojo Kastamonu-Turkey
Serdar Kaleli
I had been training Tai Chi for 8 years before I met Ninjutsu in 2010, that magic year the universe sent Sensei Jörgen Lindberg to me. That was almost a year I had left my ex-dojo when I had met him. It was quite interesting and challenging trip to move from a non-contact Martial Art to a full-contact Martial Art, Ninjutsu. Thanks to the valuable guidance of Sensei Jörgen throughout this entire trip. I also had a great chance to know Sensei Munthe with this opportunity. Then Martial Art became a life style for me, since I have learned from Sensei Jörgen training to survive, not to win. To young boys and girls who are planning to train Martial Arts: do not think about which art to start with, try to find the correct instructor for you instead.
Serdar Kaleli - Cheif Instructor Turkey 7 Dan Black Belt - Electrical Engineer- Ronin Ryu Dojo-Umitköy-Ankara-Turkey
Sibel Kibar Kavuş

Jörgen Lindberg, our Sensei at Ronin Ryu Dojo, has always been more than a coach during the trainings not only for me but for all the other attendees. He is a good mentor and a wise friend as well as a very talented martial artist. During the trainings, he is a generous and a giving leader who trains his grasshoppers hard and encourages them to do their best. He teaches discipline, tidiness and hard work for a practitioner of a martial art who need to have these qualities.

I have been training almost five years except a year and a half for maternal leave. I had a quite easy pregnancy and delivery thanks to Ninjutsu trainings which improved my upper leg muscles. Almost in each session, Sensei gives us very helpful tips and advices to get some acquaintance about our body. He has proven himself that to be proficient in human anatomy, muscles and nervous system. I have learnt a lot from him.

No matter how old some is or how busy at her work, one ought to exercise and train her body. I really advice to train Ninjutsu for everyone and meet with Sensei, Jörgen Lindberg. It is worth to try!
Sibel Kibar Kavuş
Assoc. Prof. at Kastamonu University

Sibel Kibar Kavuş - Help instructor 1kyu Brown Belt - Academician - Ronin Ryu Dojo Kastamonu-Turkey
Burcu Karael Mimar
Nobody is too long, too heavy or too skinny for Ninjitsu. We train to turn what we got into our advantage. You are not forced to work your body one way to be a certain ideal shape, but you work your way to an ideal conditon of mind and most effective use and awareness of your body. In order to make techniques applicible for everyone, one needs a deeper understanding of them and Jörgen Sensei has it. He provides modifications where necessary and eveybody realizes their own bodies’ potential. It is impressive to see him demonstrate the techniques of Ninjitsu. Bu it is more interesting and valuable that he teaches how to use them to people with different body shape and size. Today’s world a resourseful person is rarely humble. Jörgen Sensei’s sincere connection with us shows it is still a possibility and reminds me to stay humble and work the ways to improve myself.
Burcu Karael Mimar - Help instructor 1 Dan Black Belt - Ronin Ryu Dojo-Architect /MS Student in Philosophy - Umitköy-Ankara-Turkey
Elsa Bitri
To me Ninjutsu is a harmony, respect, attraction and manisfestation between mind and body that give existence to mental and physical balance. It is a way of self perception and a discipline teaching that with discipline and decisive attitude everything a person is able to do on the mental plane can also be done on the physical plane as well. It is a savior mindset,
a mental and physical liberation and an art that needs attention.

As Jörgen always emphasises Ninjutsu is based on simple principles and as long as the right technique and attitude is maintained everyone can succeed. I’ve had the pleasure and honor of “fighting” with Jörgen for the past 3 years, though with some pause intervals from time to time. He is a well-disciplined master who develops inspiring and encouraging relationships with his students. He knows how to be strict and friendly at the same time. He embraces difficulty, anger, despair and impatience of students and converts all these to self-esteem, inner power and confidence. I think his abilities to read and validate feelings, doubts, and fears from the eyes of the students, connect with them, and enable them to face with their own self in a protected and reliable environment, makes him an ideal master.

It is easier and more reliable to find yourself and inner strength with the help of a master like Jörgen Lindberg. Jorgen not only shares his knowledge and experience, but also by teaching a martial mindset and positive attitude enables you to stand on your own two feet.
Elsa Bitri - Student Ninjutsu 5Kyu Blue Belt - Academician - Ronin Ryu Dojo KisaKaya-Ankara-Turkey
Robert Gabrielsson

Within Bujinkan we have a Kata that we call

“Doko no kamae”.

The feeling in this kata should be like tiger female who stands in front of her kids and are prepared to protect them against the danger approaching at any coast. It must be such an energy that the opponent will hesitate to take another step,
The attitude will show “I will kill you if you try”

This applies to all women who have given birth in the first place, because of the love they have for their children working as the main engine for their rage. What might can be difficult is to get all the girls / women and men to understand that they can also get this feeling even if it is "only" to protect them self's.

Everyone can defend themselves, and everyone should be able to defend themselves. A good way to start thinking is, how and what to do before an attack and when an attack comes. Another good way  is to find people who can teach you this skills.

You have a really good instructor in Sensei Jörgen Lindberg, who knows all these things. Let Jörgen talk, demonstrate and teach you, so that you don’t  need to feel  fear in case of an attack or emergency situation.

Robert Gabrielsson - Shidoshi Bujinkan, 15 dan Grandmaster of Honor within Ronin Ryu Dojo - Tenshi Dojo-Bujinkan Gothenburg-Sweden
Yigitcan Karanfil

" I have been practicing Ninjutsu for the last 6 years. It helped me to develope my motor and mental skills as an individual. As a physician it helped me to understand the human body's limites and what it can do. I overcame the stereotypical western medicine boundries and became more aware of the consept "the unity of the body and the mind". I also had the privilege to train with Jörgen Sensei. He is a true warior who combined the Japanese Bushido with the soul of a Viking. He was and still is my mentor in this path I took. He is a friend to me as he is a Sensei, who will always guide me in the art of Ninjutsu. "

Yigitcan Karanfil - Cheif Instructor Mersin - 4 Dan - Specialist Doctor-Sport Medicine - Ronin Ryu Dojo-Mersin-Turkey
Viktor Lindberg

Sensei Jörgen Lindberg is a firm and fair teacher. As his son I can’t really be subjective about him as my sensei, because he raised me.

But I can refer and write some facts and personal experiences from Ninjutsu as Jörgen as my Sensei.

Jörgen started his martial art career as a teen, to become more serious in his 20s. I think the Swedish Military gave him the push he needed to take it to the level which he today practices. With approximately 35 years of close combat and martial arts training he have worked up a broad register of knowledge that few reach. Dedication was the key, and still is.

To break it down from my own perspective, my father and sensei have taught me not only discipline in general life, but patience in hard situations, to keep my mind cool and precise during threatening situations where I’ve had to defend my physique and my mental state from violence.

I was raised and trained to be humble, towards life in its totality. No creature is worth more than others are, but as a violent species, self-defense is crucial in big city life. Sweden and Gothenburg may seem small, but contains ALOT of armed criminals, robbers, rapists etc., and I have had my fair share of meetings with that kind of people. And my training is what have kept me alive under knife and pistol threats here in the hard concrete of Gothenburg suburbs.

The street is no joke and it takes a fraction of a second to take damage. The combination of Ninjutsu quick response and the brutal aspects of Bareknuckle Street fighting, Boxing and Muay Thai have given me the knowledge, the psyche and the bull-headed attitude, which I have today.

However, I remain humble, cautious and cool in any situation, thanks to my father and Sensei.
Thanks to my Art.

Viktor Lindberg - Ronin Ryu Dojo Sweden - 1 dan Black Belt
 Start Ninjutsu Today, It will Change Your Life

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