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Our Martial Arts/Education

 Ronin Ryu Ninjutsu
Classic Ninjutsu. Here you need to give your soul and body to a long-term work. A work that rewards you with physics, flexibility, focus and balance in both body and mind. You train with yourself as your worst opponent, you practice both with and without weapons and tools. You do not compete. You are not following any rules. Your only challenge is yourself. You are a man or woman of all ages.
One of the world's toughest self-defense systems developed by Soke Bo.F.Munthe with its roots from Ninjutsu. Soke Bo.F.Munthe is also called the father of the Swedish and European Ninjutsun. A man with over 50 years of experience from various martial art systems, and who in Ninpo Goshinjutsu put together devastating techniques to meet different types of attackers in an explosive way. Ronin Ryu Dojo's Sensei Jörgen Lindberg is graded to the highest level, 9 th dan black belt, that can be recived in Soke Bo.F.Munthe Dojo MuTe Jinen Ryu in Stockholm. A system for everyone. Sensei Lindberg has also been honored a membership in Soke Bo.F.Munthe's Yudansha Kai. Sensei Lindberg holds the vice president's post in Goshinjutsu International.
Nin Chi Godai
Nin Chi Godai is a "non contact" system developed by Sensei Jörgen Lindberg in close cooperation with sports physicians and psychologists. A holistic system for physical and psychological well-being. For nearly 6 years, Sensei Lindberg worked to connect motion patterns, breathing techniques, chakra balancing and Reikin's self healing modules to a system performed simultaneously by the practitioner. The systems work for all ages and create harmony and focus on the practitioner. Nin = hidden, chi = power, godai = the five elements, together it becomes "the hidden power of the five elements".
Tai Chi Chuan
Tai Chi Chuan is of course a classic on the menu. A Chinese movement or gymnastics system, of which Tai Chi Chuan is the largest of several hundred variants. Within Ronin Ryu Dojo, we have Sifu Serdar Kaleli as our main instructor and lead star. Tai Chi Chuan has been scientifically proven just like its new cousin Nin Chi Godai to influence certain disease images, especially when it comes to different types of motion disabilities.  
Urban Combat Hapkido
is an effective close combat system founded by GM Magnus  and Andreas Olofsson in 1996 in Sweden. Since Magnus Degéus passed away, GM Roger Larsson has taken over the system and is thus responsible style director. In this style, Ronin Ryu Dojo´s Shodai Soke Jörgen Lindberg has 6th dan.
"In Said No"
"In Said No" is a course program in self-defense and personal security that extends over two weekends, 2x6 hours. In addition to practicing effective self-defense techniques that are easy to remember, we look at other things around us that can harm ourselves or our property. The course program developed by Hanshi Jörgen Lindberg has been tested at the teacher's college at a Turkish university and was much appreciated by the students.
For more information on arrangements and prices, contact Hanshi Jörgen Lindberg-Sweden here
Ronin Ryu Dojo "RRD Dim Mak"
Within many of the asian martial arts manipulation of the nerve system is used. This is done by strikes (Dim Mak), needles (Acupuncture), finger pressure (Acupressure). These techniques can be used for either healing or breaking the body. Within Ronin Ryu Dojo "RRD Dim Mak" we use techniques based on what we know from Ninjutsu, Shiatsu and since 2018 we added the rules from "Bei Dim Mak" created in Sweden by the late Grandmaster Magnus Degéus in combination with eachother. As could be understod, Dim Mak is a "weapon" and can be really dangerues in the wrong hands. We only teach the art to stundets from 5dan black belt and above. The "Bei Dim Mak" system has been taken over by Jörgen Matsson from the late Grandmaster Magnus Degéus. In 2018 Ronin Ryu Dojo´s Shodai Soke recived 5th dan Master Black Belt within Bei Dim Mak by Grandmaster Magnus Degéus
Effective Aikido
Effective Aikido is the best part of Aikido / Aikijujutsu adapted to pure self-defense. A few technicians who are trained for a long time to acquire a good self-defense. However, all types of martial arts should be maintained to serve as a reflex when you need to defend yourself. Sensei Lindberg got his 8th dan in the system 2015. It is also noted for the curious that Steven Seagal is President of Honor in the system.  
Reiki Master
Reiki education from level I-II to Master
RRD Power Massage
Master education and service.  Within many of the asian martial arts manipulation of the nerve system is used. This is done by strikes (Dim Mak), needles (Acupuncture), finger pressure (Acupressure) or by using the magnetic fields (Reiki) inside us. All these techniques can be used for either healing or breaking the body. Within Ronin Ryu Dojo "Power Massage" we learn to use a combination of acupressure, comfort massage and Reiki as an effective massage form. By using finger pressure on known nerve points it is possible to release cramping up muscles, to ease up blood circulation and by this provide the muscles with the necessary oxygen and clean up the circulation from what we call system and nerve dust. In some cases, where needed, connective tissue massage is also added to the treatment.