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General Ranksystem within Ronin Ryu Dojo. 

In order to simplefy things we are using the same ranksystem for all arts/styles within our organisation.
Graduation take place in Sweden in April and in Turkey in May every year. Dan ranks can only be given by RRD Grandmaster.

blackwhitebelt 10 kyu white belt blackredbelt 9 kyu red belt

blackyellowbelt 8 kyu yellow belt blackorangebelt 7 kyu orande belt

blackgreenbelt 6 kyu green belt blackbluebelt 5 kyu blue belt

blackpurplebelt 4 kyu purple belt blackbrownbelt 3-1 kyu brown belt

blackblackbelt 1-10 dan black belt or,
4-5 dan Red/Black
6-8 dan Red/White
9-10 dan Red
Renshi 錬士
Kyoshi 教士
Hanshi 範士  

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