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RRD Hall of Honor

Soke Bo Munthe - Sweden

Father of the European Ninjutsu.

1943 - 2018 - Sensei to Hanshi Jörgen Lindberg. Soke Bo Munthe founded Mu Te Jinen Ryu in 1977 and was also called the father of the European Ninjutsu. This amazing man was the reason that many of us started with martial art in the 70ths and 80ths. Soke Bo Munthe left us sadly in August 2018. During his lifetime, Soke Munthe was appointed to the Grandmaster of Honor in Ronin Ryu Dojo International. Soke Bo Munthe and founder of RRD Hanshi Jörgen Lindberg were very close and good friends. These two founded and created Goshinjutsu International together in 2016.

Shihan Sveneric Bogsäter

Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu

I had the honor to train with him in Sweden. He is for sure the real thing! Some words from his book "Points Of View". "If we aspire to be serious seekers on the martial path to true knowledge we must allow it to take time and realize that we must open up ourselves and learn the art of surrender, so we can move beyond our ego-centric life. If we are not prepared to do so, it would be better not to start walking the path at all; such a path would be crooked and lead us astray"

Robert Gabrielsson - Sweden

Shihan at Bujinkan - Tenshi Dojo

Shihan Robert Gabrielsson has been named an honorary member of Ronin Ryu Dojo as he was also Hanshi Jörgen Lindberg's Sensei in Gothenburg - Sweden. He is also one of the few selected to receive Hatsumi Sensei's gold medal. Sensei Gabrielsson is and will remain Hanshi Jörgen Lindberg's mentor as their friendship dates back to 1986. Sensei Robert's way of teaching is a role model and many can testify to his humility, skill and power in the Dojon. If you live in Kungälv or Gothenburg - Sweden, then Sensei Robert is definitely the one you should go to if you want to start training.

Soke Bryan Cheek - UK

Founder of W.E.B.B.S International

Soke has taught Martial Arts in over 35 countries around the world, he has been teaching martial arts students since 1978, Soke is much in demand on the International scene for both his teaching ability and his indisputable skill and unique style of Jiujitsu which he has developed over some 60 years of involvement in the Martial Arts. Soke founded WEBBS (World Elite Black Belt Society) a World Wide martial art organisation in December 2000 from his one London based Dojo and it has now grown to over 40+ affiliated member countries.

Olga Semidyanova

Warrior - Mother - Doctor

Olga, fell in a firefight in Ukraine on March 3, 2022. Olga Semidyanova 48 years old, Ukrainian military doctor and mother of 12 children, 6 own and 6 adopted from a Ukrainian orphanage. Many are those who show great courage, commitment and lost their lives in the defense of their country and its freedom. We have chosen Olga as the representative of all these women, men and children who were killed in this insane war. She represents willpower, boldness, love and care in one and the same person. A true peace warrior in every sense of the word. R.I.P

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