Ronin Ryu Dojo

General RRD Rules
  • All students that take part in any kind of training within Ronin Ryu Dojo have to be a registered member. 
  • A student can attend training 3 times without membership, after that membership is obligated and the student gets registered in RRD official website.
  • The membership is a lifetime membership from 2022 and is a onetime payment.
  • The membership is paid to the General Secretary in the country where the training takes place or online with PayPal in countries where PayPal can be used.
  • RRD accepts students of all genders on an equal basis.
  • Japanese dojo rules apply throughout the RRD regardless of the style you train. Respect, honour, brother and sisterhood, helpfulness of all against all.
  • A student must be 18 years old or 15 years old with parental approval.
  • Black Gi is also obligated after receiving the first belt rank.
  • All students have to be vaccinated against Covid 19 with a minimum 2 shots.
  • RRD is an NGO, non-political and non-religious international organisation.
  • RRD's HQ is located in Gothenburg - Sweden.
  • RRD is founded by Hanshi Jörgen Lindberg 2004 who is the Soke for Ronin Ryu Dojo International.
  • RRD is represented in the World Elite Black Belt Society (W.E.B.B.S) and Goshinjutsu International. These are optional memberships for a RRD student.
  • A member has access to RRD official website.
  • A member has member prices to attend Tai Kai and other events created and hosted by RRD.
  • A member has member price on RRD badges and Gi.
  • A member can belt-rank graduate at any time during the year directly with Soke Jörgen Lindberg or in the annual graduation performed in a country where RRD exists.
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