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RRD Ranksystem

RRD Belt Graduation System. At your first graduation, your belt will turn red. This is followed by a number of colors to finally receive the red master belt. The circle is complete. We also apply our grades according to the student's knowledge and training effort, ie what the student is worth before the traditional, after how many years the student has trained. Pretty much the same as in school. After each rank graduation the student gets a belt and a diploma that belongs to the degree with the exception of belts from 1st dan and up when you add a gold stripe for each level on the Black Belt.

White Belt

10 kyu White Belt/Beyaz Kuşak

As a beginer you will use the white belt. We all have to start somewhere.

Red Belt

9 kyu Red Belt/Kırmızı Kuşak

The first rank you will recive at your first graduation camp.

Yellow Belt

8 kyu Yellow Belt/Sarı Kuşak

Yellow belt means that you now know the basic training security

Orange Belt

7 kyu Orange Belt/Turuncu Kuşak

You moving forward in your development and focus on the next step.

Green Belt

6 kyu Green Belt/Yeşil Kuşak

From here you can start to learn more by being an helpinstructor.

Blue Belt

5 kyu Blue Belt/Mavi Kuşak

Now you can start up the groups warmup before training by your self.

Purple Belt

4 kyu Purple Belt/Mor Kuşak

Time to start the tough training to reach the brownbelt level.

Brown Belt

3-1 kyu Kahverengi Kuşak

Maybe time to take on the Senpai role for you.

Black Belt

1-10 dan Siyah Kuşak

This is what many of us working for. You did a good work.

Renshi 錬士

4-5 dan Red/Black - 4-5 dan Kırmız/Siyah

If you work hard you might be appointed as a Renshi by Soke.

Kyoshi 教士

6-9 dan Red/White- 6-8 dan Kırmız/Beyaz

If you working hard enough this can be you. Why not ?

Hanshi 範士

9-10 dan Red - 9-10 dan Kırmız

If you work even harder the Master Belt could be yours. It is possible,

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